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GST Recording recording studio

GST Recording studio was established in August 2021. It was designed by Darya, in which she collaborates with many Polish and foreign artists.

In the GST Recording recording studio, we offer cooperation with artists creating music of all genres. We will record the instruments and the soloists' voices. We will guide newcomers through the recording process to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free. We will provide experienced artists with valuable advice and tips. Together, we will prepare recordings for films, music videos and any music publications. A specially prepared acoustically studio allows you to obtain the highest quality sound.

GST is a tribute to Darya's interests in music production and composition.


Studio's equipment:


  • Mac Book pro M1
  • Logic Pro X with many addons  Universal Audio, Waves, Soundtoys and others.
  • Apollo Twin Duo Heritage with console and Luna application 
  • Microfon Shure SM 7B
  • Headphones ATH M50 X
  • Controler Midi M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3