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Darya - biography

Darya - Darya Anastazja Sergiyenko Arkadiewna b. December 19, 1985. Singer, composer, songwriter and music producer. Born in Ukraine, raised in Poland. She took part as a vocalist in many performances around the world. Her career began in 2003, when she participated in the Polish edition of the Idol music program, reaching the semi-finals. Working with the Free On Stage group led her to the top of Polish house music, where she quickly developed cooperation with musicians.

The monthly magazine "MoveOut" hailed the project "the musical revelation of the year". A year later Free On Stage released the single Mind (2009). During cooperation with FOS, Darya joined the project entitled "Definition of the house music", as the result of this collaboration was the single Everybodys's fly (2010), which garnered great acclaim among critics. Darya also took part in the reality show Hunting for a Single - in the same year Free On Stage released their debut album Free On Stage Act1.

The next singles of the Darya are:

  • Johnny Bravo & Mieczyk & Darya Sunrise I feel, Label (Deepalma Soul 2011),
  • Darya feat. Brejo Don’t Run (Attractive Music 2012),
  • Johnny Bravo & Mieczyk & Darya Let the Music (Deeptown Music 2012 i My Music Poland 2012),
  • Johnny Bravo & Darya This World (Kult Records 2013),
  • Johnny Bravo & Mieczyk & Darya Let the music Vol2 (Recovery House 2013),
  • Johnny Bravo & Darya I want You (Mjuzieek Digital 2013),
  • Johnny Bravo & Darya Ain’t Nobody (Nurvous Records NY 2014)


In 2012, Darya left for Morocco, where she opened the Kids Table studio, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as: Red One (winner of 2 Grammy Awards), Bilal The Chef (winner of the Swedish Grammy Award), CokeBoy President, Norah Fathi, Maitre Gims , Atif Zinachi, Adil Assil and many others. Her voice is considered to be one of the best club vocals, which is characterized by a dark and deep timbre.

In 2014, Darya appeared on Good Morning TVN. You can see the cover of Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody performed by Darya on many music TV channels, such as ESKA TV or 4Fun TV. Darya has collaborated with the best DJs like: Rosie Romero, Roy Rox & Daniel Bovie, Loui & Scibi, Adamus and many others.


Early life of Darya

Darya was born in Lugansk, Ukraine as the daughter of Arkadij (military man) and Irina (saleswoman). Her father was Ukrainian, while her mother had Russian and French roots. She has a younger brother, Dimitri. The name Darya was a tribute to her grandmother. In 1996, she moved with her family to Poland.

In childhood, Darya dreamed of becoming a singer, trying to develop her vocal skills. She tried to adapt to the new environment, where she met friends from the church choir. Then life began to take the right course. Darya spent her days at mass singing in the choir, learning a special way of singing and performing. After many years, she decided to take part in the Polish Idol (2003) - this decision turned out to be a success. The jury called her ”a raisin brought straight from across the eastern border." Darya began to gather crowds of fans thanks to her artistic presence and charming voice. After all the experiences, Darya started her business and began to grow in her career. She collaborated with important producers, musicians and DJs who introduced her to the world of show business.


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